Beeswax is produced by young bees, aged 2-3 weeks in the 4 pairs of wax glands located below their abdomen.

The pure beeswax that comes directly from bees has a white colour and its yellow color in honeycombs is due to the fat-soluble carotenoids contained in pollen.

Its characteristic taste and smell, it gets it from the honey, pollen and propolis witch it comes in contact. It is know that the beeswax was very famous in ancient times, where it was used in patches and poultices for the treatment of wounds and burns as well as in the treatment of the skin.

It is know for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains vitamin A, which is essential for the formation of human cells.

Beeswax also keeps the skin soft and gives it a more elastic structure. It is suitable for people with dry, irritable and sensitive skin.